Peter Pilotto for Target: A Guide on How to Shop the Collection


Peter Pilotto for Target is absolutely worth it and here’s why:

Peter Pilotto & Christopher De Vos, the designers behind PETER PILOTTO, exemplify for me, a fusion of culture. Pilotto is Australian & Italian & De Vos is Belgian & Peruvian. These two just work perfectly! Pilotto contributes prints &  patterns while De Vos contributes silhouette & style. It takes a bold, confident woman to wear PETER PILOTTO, and wear it well, might I add. My  first time being exposed to the brand was at Selfridges, a high- end department store in London. My eyes were immediately attracted to an array of prints designed into beautiful clothing. I was in looveeeee….then I looked at the price tags….in POUNDS, NOT DOLLARS!!! My new found love soon turned into “Mmm cute.”

And then I saw one of my style icons wearing PETER PILOTTO:

vitaminwater And The FADER Present uncapped With Solange Knowles

How effortless is Solange? And trust me, it’s not because she’s natural! (Even though it compliments & adds to her style) Anyway, you know I was sold, right? That’s what the excitement is about!!! PETER PILOTTO FOR TARGET lauches Sunday, February 9th!

Here is my Target online- shopping  ritual:

1.. View the PETER PILOTTO FOR TARGET lookbook in advance and decide which pieces you want to purchase. Write it dowwwnn!

2.. Set alarm for 11: 30 PM…. Any earlier may give you anxiety. Any later might make you miss out!

3.. Visit & keep the page open! Use the remaining time to use the toilet. We don’t need any bathroom distractions when the clock strikes 12am.

4..  @ 12:00 am- SHOPPPPPPPP

5.. Pay for express shipping if you can’t wait!

6.. Go back to bed with a smile on your face, knowing you just got your P.P. pieces without leaving your room 🙂

If you prefer to shop in-stores, well, GOOD LUCK!

Here are some of the pieces I’m loving:

peter-pilotto- peter-pilotto-bag Peter-Pilotto-for-Target-Collection-Lookbook-24 PeterPilotto-main pic

-Stay blessed & highly favored!


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