What I Wore To Work: Baby Pink Shift Dress



So, I got an idea to start posting my work OOTDs. This allows me to share my unfiltered, unprofessional, selfies of what I wear to work. Hopefully it gives some of you ideas on how to be fashionably corporate apporpriate (Does that even make sense?) Because, as you may know, there are written and unwritten dress codes in the corporate world.

NYC is a whooping 45 degrees Celsius today! Perfect day to wear my Talbots silk “Jackie O” dress, as I like to call it. I feel like someone’s first lady in this dress. The attached collar gives it just the right detail and the color is as flattering as the dress itself. I found some on Ebay at a discounted price for you! Now since its 45 and not 70, I had to pair it with my Me Too Leather Latrice Boots that someone purchased for me on Amazon. If you have big legs/ calves, you’ll love these boots as the back is an elastic material. I came in the office with my Loft Faux Fur Collar Vest & Wool Coat. However,  after deep thought decided the fur violated the unwritten dress code and swapped it for this TopShop Navy Blazer I keep at the office. Unfortunately I couldn’t swap the garbage can out lol. Navy Blazers make everything look professional. I bought it over a year ago in London on Sale so I doubt it’s still available. Here’s a similar one  and a pic of the excitement in London back in 2012:


Be blessed!


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