What I Wore to Work: A NYer’s Uniform



Happy Friday. Every friday is Jeans day in my office. Many NYers are known for wearing all black in the winter and I’m not exempt. Today, I wore my Zara jeans with my Zara top picked up on SALE and this Forever 21 cardigan that was about $13. The boots are the Me Too Latrice Boots that I wear almost everyday 🙂

Quick Announcements!

1. I finally received my Macbook adapter in the mail! If you didn’t read my prior posts, I mistakenly vacuumed my old adapter so my Macbook has been dead for weeks!

2. I will be uploading a ‘Items Under $20’ shopping haul video AND skin care routine video (requested) this weekend!

3. I am going to finally  film my fitness videos this weekend!

4. My social media sites are officially up and running! Instagram- @AuntyChristina // Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/JustMissedtheRunway  I’m afraid to getback on Twitter after about 2 years. My mouth is reckless and I hate accountability 🙁

-Be Blessed



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