How to Stretch Leather Shoes Tutorial

Howdy! Here’s how to stretch those leather shoes that haven’t been broken into or that are just too tight!!

Things you’ll need:
-Shoes (Leather, Patent Leather)
– Medium or Large Ziploc Bag. You can also use a heavy duty sandwich bag
-Cup of Water
-Freezer or Deep Freezer
-Rubberband (Optional)

1. Take your ziploc bag and place it inside the shoe, ensuring the pointed tip of the ziploc is in the front of the shoe.
2. Fill 1/3 of the bag with water, making sure the inside of the shoe is completely covered with a bag of water. You can add more water if you deem it necessary.
3. Tie a secure not on the ziploc bag or use rubberbands to secure the bags. Repeat steps 1-3 for the other shoe.
4. Place your shoes standing face up in the freezer or deep freezer.
4. Wait until the water in the bag is completely frozen before removing from the freezer.
5. Take your shoes out of the freezer and place it somewhere to allow it to turn back into a liquid form.
6. Once the ziploc bag containing the ice has melted, remove the bag and wipe the shoe down with a cloth of your choice.
7. Tada! Enjoy your comfortable fitting shoe!

I hope this was helpful. I have another haul video that I am editing and plan to upload this weekend so stay tuned. FYI,  I’m still confused about how to increase the quality of the video on youtube. It’s definitely not my camera. Any suggestions?

-Be blessed! Enjoy your weekend!


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