Mini Thrift Haul



My outfit in the video: Cardigan: Tory Burch // Lippie: MAC Red lined with MAC Currant Lip Liner


Good Morning!! I went shopping at Salvation Army and spent nothing!! Don’t believe me, just watch the video! If you’re not an advocate for thrifting, let me convince you right now! If you want to score gems and own pieces of clothing you most likely won’t see on anyone else, you must visit a Thrift Store, at least once! The pieces I bought were all less than $15.



I’d recommend you wash or dry clean the items before wearing it for health reasons. Also, thoroughly inspect the clothes before purchasing! Sometimes there are defects. Most times there aren’t.


Please like and comment on my Youtube video and blog post if you want to see more haul videos. I’m always shopping. 🙂

-Be blessed and have a great weekend!







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