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In case you haven’t bought Mum a gift yet, here are some ideas!

1. Prada Candy Gift Set – One of my fave fragrances of all time; from the packaging to the smell. If she likes sweet, rich smells, she’ll enjoy this gift.

2. Nike Dual Fusions– My fave trainers of all time! Fashionable & perfect for those with high arches. Encourage her to get back in shape or to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

3. Macy’s Gift Card– some are just difficult to figure out! Not quite sure what she’d like? Play it safe with a gift card!

4. Michael Kors Watch– a timeless piece always says ‘I Love You.’ She’ll love how fashionable and chic this pink face compliments her look.

5. Gap Trench– Trench coats are wardrobe staples for the spring season!

6. Kate Spade– upgrade her wardrobe with this leather beauty!

7. Tod’s Loafers– She may have enough heels so add some comfort to her wardrobe with these stylish loafers.

8. Tiffany & Co. Necklace– A bracelet from Tiffany always reminds us that we’re loved.

9. Kate Spade Clutch– ON SALE!!!! Is she fashion forward? She’ll love this affordable trendy clutch!

10. Spa Gift Certificate– Because all mothers should be reminded that we noticed how hard they work!


I hope you enjoy your Mother’s Day! Remember that material things come and go. Many mommys just want to feel loved and appreciated! Instead of gifts, help around the house! Do the cooking and cleaning! Pick fresh flowers from your garden! You can even give her a homemade card made out of supplies like you used to in grade school! Even if you don’t have a mother, bless someone else’s mother!

-Be blessed!


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