#MyVegasStyle- Lunch at Lemongrass


Lunch at Lemongrass



As I mentioned yesterday in my prior post, I was contacted by the Content Director of Vegas.com to curate outfits for a vacation in Las Vegas at the Aria Resort & Casino. This post is dedicated to a lunch date at Lemongrass. Now if you’re like me, you most likely prefer to be over-dressed than under-dressed. That’s exactly why I love the black and white striped outfit on the left. Stripes, if styled appropriately, can easily turn plain materials into note-worthy clothing. While the norm may be to match similar striped patterns, I’d recommend matching vertical/horizontal and diff. sized stripes. The detailing on the bottom of this skirt alone is enough receive a slew of compliments. Complete the look with Christian Louboutin Pigalles and the magnificent Kate Spade book clutch! If you’ve been following, then you probably noticed this is the second time I’ve featured this clutch. (Looks like a purchase is in order!) This Kate Spade clutch is the perfect Olympia Le-Tan inspired style at a fraction of the cost! I can’t get enough!

Like true Aunty Christina fashion, I ALWAYS overpack when traveling. It’s uncomfortable for me to be away from my closet for extended periods of time as I always second, third, and fourth guess my outfits. To mitigate this, I always pack two completely different looks that compliment each other. Here are two things I am currently loving: boyfriend jeans and cropped tops. I kept the color scheme the same as the first outfit in order to give you more flexibility in deciding outfits. For example, this River Island yellow cropped top could easily be paired with the skirt, and vice versa! you could also swap the Louboutins for the second outfit and blend trendy with chic!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my outfit picks! Are you the chic or the trendy type? Maybe a blend of both?

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