Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift Ideas

As Father’s Day approaches us (less than one week away) I figured some of my Aunties and Uncles may need some help when it comes shopping for our Dads. I think traditionally, men are so much harder to shop for than women because they don’t really require much. Most of my gift ideas are quite simple, because let’s face it the normal dad is simple!

(click on the numbers below to locate the items! )

1// Whether your dad is a business man or a mechanic, a pair of suede tassel loafers is a staple in a man’s wardrobe. Dad can always wear them to events such as weddings, graduations, etc.

2// This camouflage brief case is for the more trendy dad. It’s on sale at Cole Haan!

3//  Sharpen his look with these stellar cuff links. It’s a sure way to differentiate an ordinary man from a man of power.

4// Upgrade his electronic collection with this HD Smart TV. They’re great for Netflix, music playing, and internet browsing.

5//  A man should ALWAYS wear a time piece. This leather Skagen one is perfect for the dad about his business!

6// If he has style, he should own a straw hat. If not, get him this one!

7// Encourage him to get his 6-pack back by running more!

8// Compliment his HD tv with a new couch or lazy boy. (Great for my retired dads)

9// Is he a little hip? He might love these wireless headphones! Beats are soon to be bought by Apple, too!

10// A gift that keeps on giving; getting dad a grill is like getting yourself a grill!

11/ Keep him smelling divine with SpiceBomb. You wont get enough of him after he sprays this on.

12//  You may want to go traditional with a tie. Trend it up with gingham print!

In the end, Father’s Day is really about making our dads feel special! While I do commend women who raise children alone, this day is not about them. If you did not grow up with your father, extend the love to a father-figure or a dad that you have respect for! We need our men to know how much we appreciate them!

-Be blessed.


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