Get Fit with AfroBeats!


Meet Ada, a Nigerian fitness instructor who makes workout videos to Afrobeats! When Ada contacted me about her Youtube page, I just knew I wanted to collaborate with her. I had such a great time at the video shoot! It’s always nice to workout and work at the same time! For awhile, I’ve been thinking about featuring fitness posts on the blog, so this came at just the perfect time! And let me just say her videos will fool you into believing you’re ready! Trust me when I say I wasn’t readddddyyyyy…

A few people have been asking me to share my workout routines and secrets about my little abs. I am always honest by saying “Cardio is the answer!” I am probably in pretty bad shape since I stopped running track back in college, yet for the first time since then I can visibly see my abs. The truth is, no mattter how many crunches you do a day, if you’re not eating healthy and implementing cardio in your workout routines, you won’t see the definition in your core. Since this video shoot, I have decided to implement this workout in my weekly workouts (I’ll discuss that in a future post). Check out the photo ops below before checking out Ada’s youtube page!









Thank you so much to Ada for allowing me to get my workout on! Can’t wait to do it again in DC! Make sure you follow her Instagram!

-Be Blessed!


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