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Photography by Arkeem Johnson

TopShop Dress // Zara Heels // Ray ban Wayfarer // Aldo Clutch // Banana Republic Accessories // Nordstrom Rack multi color bracelet

First time I saw the shoes, I could only murmur “Hi.” Saw the price tag and I said a little bit louder “BYE.” Now you’re probably thinking of my shoe collection and wondering to yourself, “Aunty, you have shoes that cost so much more than $90.” And this is true, but hear my logic for a second. The way I determine if something is priced appropriately is based on “QQP.” Quality, Quantity, Popularity. Monolo Blahnik can afford to price a shoe at $1000 because it sells amazing quality, little quantity, and fitting popularity. And while Zara shoes are, for the most part comfortable and sturdy (except for my baby pink t-strap heels. The devil himself made those), I’m more than likely to see 7 people with the same shoe on. And so for that reason, I was not happy about the 90$ tag. Then the semi-annual sale was announced. I sat in front of my laptop, shoes in shopping cart, finger nails in mouth(eeww), and debit card in the other hand; and as soon as the clock striked 11:55pm on June 19th, I purchased my shoes at $40, among other things, and fell soundly asleep.

In case you were concerned with the rest of my out, this TopShop dress was on sale for 10 pounds in London. Not only was I drawn to the color but also to the detailing. This Aldo clutch is the closest I’ll get to owning a Chanel double flap. Rayban sunnies stolen from my hunny.

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