Nautical Lines








Photography by Arkeem Johnson

H&M Straw Hat // J.Crew Top (Try this or this) // Skirt c/o She Wears It  (Similar) // Aldo Rise Heels  (Many Years Old; Try these) // Michele Watch

New York has been enjoying a very cool summer. I am not sure we have reached 90 degrees yet. At any rate, I am not complaining. The cool weather allows us to get away with wearing long sleeve tops, blazers, and trousers. Although I believe beauty can sometimes be painful, nothing beats comfortable beauty. That’s why I’m a fan of full tea skirts. Not only do they provide versatility, (can be dressed up or dressed down-as seen in this post) but they add girly twist.

 For quite some time now, the fashion world has adopted the sailor uniform as one of their own; incorporating nautical styles with pretty much any print out there. And after yesterday’s post, I realized how much use I can get with these heels. Purchased years ago, I pretty much forgot about them until last weekend when I purged my closet of almost 1/3 of my belongings (Poshmark closet will be up soon). Since then, I’ve worn the shoes about 3 times. You’ll see much more of these in the future!

-Be blessed!



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