The Last of My Ghana Trip


Washing clothes in my yard with George…

Giving my baby a kiss and some sunlight.IMG_3940 IMG_3926 IMG_3948Twirling in my front yard… IMG_3979 IMG_3991 IMG_3998“The point of no return.” If you saw this part of the castle as a slave, it marked your journey to the Americas. You would never return to your homeland again.  IMG_4000 IMG_3973Canons used to protect the castle.  IMG_4017Cells for slaves.  IMG_4037 IMG_4046 IMG_4052 IMG_4057 IMG_4058 IMG_4028 IMG_4097 IMG_4114



  1. September 25, 2014 / 11:12 pm

    hehe the washing clothes makes me miss my Grandma and hometown now 🙂

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