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Ivanka Trump Coat // Vince Camuto Top // Urban Outfitters Pants // Zara Heels- Old

Yes I did, Yes I did… Somebody please tell em who the [heck] I is…

This entire look was completely inspired by my fabulous friend Shanda who works for my company. We met in the cafeteria through style. Yes! She complimented me on my dress and I was drooling over her Alice & Olivia Stacey Face Pumps. It’s as if God answered one of my fashion prayers- that I connect with someone at work who spoke my  fashion language.

Not to say that this look is her kind of style per se. BUT, Shanda pays no attention  to the “unwritten corporate dress code.” And it works for her so well! She NEVER looks inappropriate but she ALWAYS stands out. When I saw these pants in my closet waiting to get its tagged popped, I thought… “What would Shanda Do?” The answer is quite obvious…Considering some of my coworkers come to work in long night gown dressed, I think a wide leg pant is safe to enter the corporate realm.

In any event, I scored the last of this Ivanka Trump wool coat (similar on the cravings list) at TJ Maxx for the low! It’s actually big on me but I couldn’t let the gal who followed me around the store, waiting for me to put it down, win. Soooooo it came home. This top, last worn here, is from Ross, the UO pants were $10, and the zara heels were $20. I won.

-Be blessed



  1. Anonymous
    October 30, 2014 / 8:25 pm

    I’m uuber flattered by this post doll! Yes we were destined to meet as we’re kindred spirits in the world of fashion. This look is simply fab so koodos to you for embracing your style and shaking off the haters in the workplace. It’s not meant for everyone. 😘

    • October 30, 2014 / 8:43 pm

      Awwww thanks! So glad I met you that day! Nothing but a blessing since

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