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This weekend we have a new #JustMissedtheRunway feature… Ms. Rose of Style Operator.

IMG_1002.JPGI thought you should know that it is currently Friday 10/31 at 9:05pm and I am still in the office editing this post. As tired as I am, I was way too excited to feature this babe. You ever see someone so stylish, you just say “YES! There it is!”

That’s how I feel about Style Operator…me my fave red suit smooth so NYC

I got the chance to ask Rose a few questions:

Aunty C: How would you describe your style?

Style Operator: This is the one question I never know how to answer! My style is always evolving so it’s hard to describe in one word or even a phrase. I’d say it’s pretty eclectic, consisting of clean lines, classic pieces, and sometimes a modern edge. Unlike the old me, these days I stray away from most colors and stick mostly to a neutral palette.

Autny C: Where are your favorite places to shop?

Style Operator: Zara is hands-down my go-to store for high end designer-inspired pieces! I’ve been loving H&M lately—their trend section never disappoints. I also love ASOS for unique items you won’t see on everyone else. Other mentionables include Forever 21 (for the occasional good find), J.Crew (but only on sale, let’s be honest), Topshop for good statement pieces, and Gap for basics.

Aunty C: One fashion tip to the readers?

Style Operator: There’s just so many, but for now I’ll give you one I live by: Dress for the job you WANT, not the job you have. Oh, and also… It doesn’t take a million bucks to FEEL like it.

Autny C: I noticed you pay close attention to the cut of your clothes. Any advice on how women can dress for their body types?

Style Operator: Ladies, when in doubt, size up! It doesn’t matter how much you paid for that skirt, or what designer you’re wearing… if it’s ill-fitting, you’ve wasted your money.

Embrace your body, whether you have curves or a boy-ish figure. The key is to buy only what you feel comfortable in. Because I’m curvy, I tend to size up in clothing, especially tops. This makes a world of a difference for me! Don’t get me wrong, though. I live for a sexy, tight leather skirt.

There’s just something about the way the clothes fall nicely against your body, without pulling or highlighting any of your goodies under there. Remember, nobody has to know what the tag on the inside of your clothing says. It can be our secret. 😉

Well.. the cat is out of the bag! I’m totally in agreement in regards to dressing for the job you want and not the one you have. And yeah J.Crew is only cute on sale. LOL

P.S. I’m stealing your whole entire grey and white look. I’ll be sure to give ya credit 🙂

For more on Rose, check out her banging blog Style Operator and follow her on Facebook , Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter!

-Be blessed!


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