Blushing in the Cold


…This weather will do that yo you.







5 Element Photography

Forever 21 Hat // Talbots turtleneck // Thrifted Skirt // H&M Coat (on sale) // Chinese Laundry Jupiter Booties // The Limited Gloves (now extra 50% off)

My style tends to be a walking contradiction, kind of like a skittles commercial. I swear people look at me outside and say “Well is it cold? Is it hot?” This outfit came together by chance, and you know what, I like it. Sure, I’m wearing a summer floppy hat and peep toe booties, but when you look on the bright side of things (literally), I’m pretty warm. My coat is wool, my neck is covered, my head is protected, and so are my ankles.

The next time you decide to write off wearing a summer article of clothing in the winter, think again. It just might work in your favor.

-God Bless.

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