Can you believe I wore this to work?

             H&M Leather Jacket // Banana Republic Top and Skirt (both on sale with add’l 40% off)// Alice & Olivia Pumps

Really pushing the envelope with this outfit I wore to work last week…

I’m a bit conservative at work, so most times I try not to get ahead of myself by dressing inappropriately as I do on the blog. This outfit was an exception.

An AVP at my firm who I’m pretty close with walked up to my desk as I was sitting down, looked at my skirt and said, “You gotta be careful with that number!”

Obviously sitting down, the skirt appeared much shorter. So I stood up and ensured her that it wasn’t as bad as it appeared…

I love Banana Republic for work attire. Great quality and prices (during sale of course), and conservatively stylish too. I was immediately drawn to this skirt becuase of the detailing: loose a-line skirt, lined on the inside so it doesnt scream out ‘racy.’ I found the perfect top to match and couldn’t be more estatic when it rang up at the register lower than ticketed.

When it comes to dressing for work in corporate America, day by day I get bolder and bolder. I’m 24 years old and like to look good. It’s not everyday I want to wear a suit in some neutral faded out color. Some days I want to go bold! The trick is to keep it classy and center your look around professionalism. Take off the biker leather jacket and throw on a tailored blazer (which is what I did when I got in the office), and suddenly you look ready to handle your million dollar+ book of business (if you’re in global client services like me, that is).

Enjoy your week!

God Bless You~

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