What I’m Wearing at Work: Color Block

Color- Blocking.


Oasis Top (from $55, to $17)
Zara Trousers (from $60, to $20) Heels (from $49, to $7),  & Purse (from $39, to$17)
H&M Scarf  (from $50 to $5) & earrings (old)
Michele Watch // Sunnies (similar here)

Sorry for the delay in blog posts. I just returned from my Euro trip to London, Paris, and Amsterdam (look out for pics this week).

Here’s a look at what I’m currently wearing at work. I purchased all of these pieces during my vacation abroad. Fortunately for my wallet, I did very little shopping in Europe. However, I couldn’t resist Zara in Paris & London. I know all too well Zara stores in Europe receive different (& sometimes better) apparel than those stateside.

You should be familiar with these Zara trousers, as I wear the white pair religiously on my blog . When I saw these red/orange ones on sale, it just made sense to buy it. Last summer, my favorite color-block combination was mint & red. This look isn’t quite mint/green, but its close.

After boarding 5 planes in 9 days, lets just say I’m crushing on the general flight attendant look. I always had an affinity for silk scarves, but now suddenly, I want to pursue my long time dreams of becoming a flight attendant. I love how chic this silk scarf compliments my outfit.

Hope you have a great day.

God Bless You x

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