My Trip to the Bahamas

My last trip of the year 🙁

   Urban Outfitters Backpack // Joe Fresh T-Shirt // Zara Body Curve Jeans // Christian Louboutin Pumps
  Miu Miu Sunnies // H&M Bathing Suit
River Island Crop Top // Banana Republic Skirt (on sale + add’l 50-50% off) // Guess Heels // Zara clutch 
   Dress  c/o eShakti // H&M Waistbelt // Lucky Brand Leather slippers

Orange Turban // H&M earrings

Bathing suit c/o She Wears It  

Sunnies from vendor in Union Square, NYC 
  JC Penny Cover-up // Bathing suit c/o of She Wears It
    Alexander Wang Dres // Zara Heels (old)

NY Yankees Jersey  Ricki Brazil Dress
    H&M Fringe Bathing Suit // Isopera Sandals // Oliver Peoples Sunnies

[All images taken with iPhone 6]

My apologies in advance for two things: my inconsistencies in blogging AND my low quality pics. A lot of changes happening with JMTR. For starters, I no longer work with my former photographer so I’m deciding whether or not to hire a new one or invest in a better lens. I have a Nikon D7100 but I need a better lens. Oh who am I kidding; I need to learn how to use the camera, lol. I took it with me to the Bahamas but that was a complete failure because I hadn’t a clue how to use it! We’re also still working on my new site. I can now say with confidence we’ll be moving by the end of this month.

Bahamas Bahamas! I loved it! Honestly… I was never a resort persons. If I’m spending money to travel outside the country, I want a real experience. Resorts are intentionally designed for you to have a good time in the most comfortable way possible. But who cares about comfort! LOL. I wanted to be immersed in Bahamian culture, ride local public transportation, walk on roads, visit local supermarkets, etc. But that just didn’t happen in the Bahamas. We left the resort maybe twice…and only to go across the street to a local mall for tourists staying in the resorts.

I went with George (you should know that’s my mama by now) to the Bahamas to celebrate my finishing my MBA program. The more I travel with my mother, the more I appreciate her. Our bond is stronger through traveling. I guess being confined to one another for a few days or weeks helps us to communicate more lol… IDK. I’m just so grateful to God for a great mother. The sacrifices she and my father made for my siblings and I deserve a Nobel Peace Prize. J

Many people asked me how I’m able to travel so much.

“Do you get a lot of vacation time at work?”

“You must be rich!”

“You’re so lucky!”

Simmer down, folks. Bahamas cost me a total of $635 for 5 days. $635 included (listen carefully now) FLIGHTS, HOTEL, UNLIMITED MEALS, UNLIMITED DRINKS (ALCOHOL TOO), ENTERTAINMENT, TRANSPORTATION TO/FRO AIRPORT, UNLIMITED KAYAKING.

So there you have it. And it’s all about preparation. If you commit to saving some money each month for travel, you could potentially do 2 trips in a year. Download the GROUPON & Living Social apps to find these deals. Research will save you tons of money.

God Bless You!



  1. November 4, 2015 / 12:05 am

    CONGRATS on finishing your MBA program. You and George are adorbz. I call my mom Georgie (short for Georgina) or just I love your outfits, fab per usual. Looking forward to the new site.

    • November 4, 2015 / 8:13 am

      Thanks Amma! Yes I remember u telling me your mom has the same name!! Thanks for reading!


  2. November 4, 2015 / 3:06 am

    congrats on your MBA program, definately worth the celebration, I would av passd your mum for your sis you two are adorable. all your outfits are gorgeous!

  3. March 14, 2016 / 11:12 am

    I went here for my honeymoon and LOVED it!!! Your blog is great, I followed, and hope you won’t mind a follow back? I have a lot of ideas on the way related to fashion, beauty, and travel!

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