Hangin’ with the Boys


So bored with women’s style lately, I’ve been getting inspiration from the boys…






Banana Republic Blazer, PantsVest  // Guess Shirt (love this) // Zac Posen Eartha Bag // Christian Louboutin Pumps (old) // Prada Baroque Glasses // Michele Watch

 Do you ever get bored with women’s style?

I mean really, if I see another tulle skirt or floral anything, I might go crazy.

A few weeks ago, I went to Banana Republic on the hunt for a double breased suit I convinced myself I needed for an upcoming industry conference I’m heading to for my corporate gig. Banana was having a major sale (add’l 50% off sale items) and I found this pinstripe number for the LOW!

Don’t quote me but I think the entire suit cost less than $150. Yes, all 3 pieces for $150. Some of you ladies might think that’s absurd but ask the fellas and they’ll tell you how expensive quality suits can get. I’ve purchased suits for men in the past and I NEVER spent less than $500. Suits are pricey investments, but if you hunt the way I do, you’ll always get lucky once in a blue.

Initially, I was only going to purchase the blazer and pants, but as the manager rang up my items, he mentioned that the suit came with a vest that quickly sold out all over the country. I was so distraught…but not for long. He also mentioned he thought he saw one in the stock room but wasn’t aware of the size. I told him to check anyway, and God being so good, it was my size AND on sale for $40. Okay so that means the suit costs $140 because I now recall the blazer and pants ringing up to $99.

I follow enough men’s style to know pinstripe apparel always pairs greatly with brown detailing. The brown shoes I do have aren’t leather so I opted for these Louboutin shoes instead. Unfortunately my women’s style briefcase was in the trunk of my car sitting at a body shop so I had no choice but to go for my structured Zac Posen bag. In conclusion, I think I nailed the pinstripe look. Thoughts?

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