#Adidas: Pink Beach Inspiration


Adidas will always have my support solely because of their Pink Beach Campaign.

adidas-originals-pharrell-inline-ms-1_89203   adidas-s-originals-pharrell-inline-kids-ms-4_89228

Zara blazer // American Eagle Shirt // Track pants c/o Adidas // Jimmy Choo Anouk Pumps

A few weeks ago, while shooting with my photographer, Xavier, we passed by the Adidas Soho store. Xavier brought my attention to the Pink Beach Campaign on the store front and I was simply amazed. As a new Adidas affiliate, I am already in support of the brand and what it stands for. But to see African models plastered in front of the store on a busy Soho street is somewhat of an anomaly.

So of course we went in, chit chatted with a few of the employees, picked up these cool Adidas track pants (totally inspired by Folake Huntoon) and went home happy.

Thank you Adidas for seeing the importance of diversity in the modeling and fashion  industry. Affilate or not, I’ll always be a supporter!

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