Late Night Recap

The perfect Tweed look for a cool summer night!


Forever 21 straw hat, Zara tweed jacket and shorts (part of Zara semi-annual sale), Christian Louboutin shoes, Gucci vintage medical bag.

A blog post almost didn’t go up today. But I’m a woman of my word so no matter how fatigued I’m feeling, no matter how messed up emotionally I am, I will post, by force (as Ghanaians would say).

You’re probably wondering how on earth I am wearing tweed for summer. Easy. It’s best worn during summer nights when the sun goes down, humidity usually disappears and the cool summer breeze takes over.

I love this tweed combo I bought from the Zara sale recently. I literally waited until it was just about over to shop the sale. It’s the trick to find gems like these for unbeatable prices.

Have a blessed night!


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