Playing with my favorite color palette.

I’ve tried to “wash out” my style for work in the past. Total failure- of course. I think being Ghanaian and growing up in such a vibrant culture has molded my style to be full of excitement. While I do love a monotone and dark look, nothing beats color, color, color! A few weeks ago, I wore the above look to church; and of course you know this look will get recycled for work, too.

When pairing colors together, I always tie royal blue with yellow or orange. The key in this look was offsetting the solid blue and orange with a vertical pinstripe button down shirt. I completed the look with “light skin” nude pumps (because obviously this is not nude for darker skin folks like myself), and left out any accessorizing. If you’re looking to wear a similar outfit, I suggest pairing this look with a grey or brow bag like the Prada Saffiano; or the Ralph Lauren satchel for my more price conscious fashion enthusiasts.


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