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Eye brows finally on fleek.

This past Sunday, I drove over an hour to get my eyebrows done by my new eyebrow specialist, Thay. I will be sharing my full experience in this blog post for those of you interested in trying Eyebrow tinting, or would like to try out my Brow Specialist. I want you to know that this post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own, and can be fully trusted.

My Eyebrows:

My first experience getting my eyebrows done was at the age of 16 in London. My cousin took me to an Indian lady to get my brows threaded. Although the process was extremely painful, I was so excited and pleased with my brows. I naturally have eyebrows on the thinner side, and they are extremely  curly. Eyebrow threading gave my brows the perfect arch and maintained its width and length, all while sculpting my face.

Throughout the years, however, I didn’t keep up with eyebrow threading, and settled for waxing in local nail salons. Also, I never really committed to one eyebrow specialist. As a result, my brows grew thinner and were even missing patches. Around 2011, I got exposed to the world of YouTube and started doing my own makeup, which included drawing in my brows with brow powder and/or pencils, and cleaning the surrounding brow areas with a concealer.

Losing Hope:

I started to accept the fact that my eyebrows would never be the same, and they were permanently damaged. Because even without touching them (threading or waxing) for months at a time, I still found that they never actually grew to its original shape. As a result, I settled for just getting them waxed by whoever was available, and drawing my brows to the shape of my choice.

During my experience with Thay, my new brow specialist, she taught me that brow pencils, wearing makeup, and washing your brows with certain face washes played a major role in the reason why my eyebrows weren’t growing. She told me that the chemicals in makeup and my acne clearing face washes clogged my pours, further minimizing hair growth.

Thay, The Brow Specialist

I was introduced to Thay via my friend’s Instagram page after she recorded her experience, and showed before and after pictures of her brows. After her Instagram post, I made an appointment with Thay, who lives an hour and a half away from my house. I just had to experience it for myself! I also love the fact that she’s a Pharmacist who researches and tests  chemicals before using them on her clients! Talk about an entrepreneur fully invested and passionate about her work!

The Experience:

I was a little taken aback when I reached Thay’s place, as it was a private family home. While the neighborhood and street seemed pretty quiet and safe, I didn’t know what to think about entering the house of someone I never met before. In any event, I knocked on the door and was welcomed by a beautiful and tall Brazilian woman (Thay) who led me to her room to get started. Her place was very well kept and clean and any concerns I may have had prior to going inside disappeared.

I laid on the table and started the process. First, Thay informed me that she would be using an Alcohol 70% solution (I thought it was extremely awesome and professional that she told me this) on my brows to clean them and remove the makeup I had on my eyebrows. After, she “sketched” my brow shape with a pencil, maybe, and other instruments that I am not familiar with to ensure that the most even and accurate shape would be produced. She showed me a mirror and asked me if I was pleased with the shape she intended to create.

Next, Thay consulted me on my eyebrows, with all empathy. She told me that my eyebrows were quite thin, uneven, and were missing hairs on the beginning and end of both brows. I never felt as if she was judging my brows; I believed she was keeping me informed on the health of my brows and also what she intended to do to fix them and aide their hair growth. She explained to me that the eyebrow tinting part of the process would be a bit unique and different for my particular eyebrows because she would have to tint my skin (areas where there wasn’t any hair). I also thought this was great because I wasn’t going to come out blinded about what she did to my eyebrows and the decisions she chose to make or not to make.

After the consultation, she started to thread my eyebrows, then tweeze and trim them. This was by far the most soothing threading experience I ever had because she took her time and was extremely delicate in the process. It also helped that she played soft and calming music in the background to further relax me and give me an all-around experience.

What happened after the threading, tweezing, and trimming goes beyond me as I eventually fell asleep. I simply woke up to her “tinting” my eyebrows with a semi-permanent vegetable dye. After she was finished she cleaned off the excess dye and gave me the mirror to have a look. The entire process took about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  In the end, I was EXTREMELY PLEASED!

We took a few pictures for our social media platforms and then talked about a solution she sells to aide in my eyebrow hair growth. She is out of stock for the solution at the moment, but she knows I plan to purchase when she receives more.  I was told not to wash my brows for 24 hours, then stay away from washing them with harsh acne treating solutions or lotions.

How Long Does it Lasts?

According to Thay, your brows should last 1-3 weeks but I would say that this is dependent on YOUR brows and how you take care of them. After about 36 hours, most of the eyebrow tint that was applied to my skin (where I lack hair) washed off, although I never washed them, not even with water. I simply washed around my eyebrows, completely avoid the actual brows. However, my  eyebrows are still clean and arched, as they would normally be after threading.

If you’re eyebrows are fuller and you do not suffer from lost eyebrow hair, I believe your eyebrow tint will last much longer.

Overall Thoughts?

Overall, Thay has a new permanent client. Although she is far from me, I am that much invested in my eyebrows growing and shaping into the style I prefer and I know Thay will help me get there. I plan to visit her monthly, purchase her eyebrow solution, and implement all the suggestions she provided me.

Interested in getting your eyebrows on fleek? Want to know about pricing and/or make an appointment? Visit her site HERE.

You can also follow her IG page to see more before and after photos!

Any questions? Leave them below!

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  1. Thay
    January 18, 2017 / 8:26 pm

    I’m tearing now! That’s why I love working with brows, because I have a change to meet such a nice good heart people like you! I could never feel more blessed! Thanks a lot Christina for the fantastic post, for your trust and lovely word! I really appreciate everything single word that you wrote!

    • justmissedtherunway
      January 18, 2017 / 8:35 pm

      You’re very welcome! I will text you for my next appointment! Thank you for everything ❤❤❤

  2. Nolly
    January 19, 2017 / 2:22 pm

    Oh my god!! I’m so happy to see this review!! I’m also a Thay’s client and, by my own experience with her job, I can tell you… this is not just work, this is art!… Or magic… Or miracle (in my case)… Lol… Just wanna say thank you, Thay for your amazing work, and thank you Christina, for spreading her talent worldwide! ❤️

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