JMTR is 3 Today/ Hip Hip Hooray!

It has been 3 years since I launched JMTR!

Edward Gebel Photography


Coat: Banana Republic Heritage Collection– sold out online (try this) ; Turtleneck: Here ; Culottes (trousers): Zara- on sale in stores for $10 (try this or this ) ; Shoes: Jimmy Choo (budget friendly here) ; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (try this one) Scarf: via my late grandmum Sunglasses: via Buffalo Exchange (try this)

For JMTR’s third anniversary, I’m giving you a detailed outfit post, including the price of items.

The Hair:

Most of you may already know that I am natural. However, I do wear super affordable wigs about 99% of the time. Above, I am wearing a wig from Finger Comber. It’s actually called the Finger Comber Unit and it’s only $78. If you’re interested in purchasing, use my promo code at checkout: JUSTMISSEDTHERUNWAY for expedited shipping. Otherwise, it’ll take about 2- 3 weeks to ship.

The Coat:

Love at first sight. The first time I saw this coat in the Banana Republic in Soho, I think I stared at it for 5 minutes. Price ticketed at $468, I knew I would have to wait some time before purchasing. It finally went on sale for $303 with an additional 50% off and another 10% off. Yes, a bit pricey still but so worth it. I love the color, the leather detailing on the shoulder an the wool material. This isn’t your typical trench. It consists of wool and leather material and it is unbelievably warm.

The Turtleneck:

I purchased this short sleeve turtleneck from Talbots outlet several years ago. I actually had it in my “things to sell” bag but I quickly removed it after buying the above trench coat. I knew I wanted to wear an all cream outfit- and this shirt matched effortlessly. I cannot remember the price, but I’d like to say less than $15.

The Culottes:

Last weekend, I stopped into Zara in soho just to browse the remainder of their sale. Snagged these high- waist culottes for $10!

The Shoes:

Who remembers when I bought my first Jimmy Choo Anouk Suede pumps and could barely walk? Well, after a few wears, I became acclimated to the 5inch height and was able to withstand for about an hour. So much more comfortable than Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps, I grew to fall in love with the Anouks. It is the perfect classic pump! So when I saw the nude ones for sale on RueLaLa, I had to buy it without thinking. I bought them for $400 (I know I  know- very expensive) but the original price is $595, and at the time I didn’t have goals or sense lol.

The Bag:

Remember I told you that I shop for free?  I’ll post how on Friday. But to give you a preview, I bought this bag from Buffalo Exchange on credit after selling a few old items there. So it was practically free! They were selling it for only $60, although the bag retails at about $500+

The Sunglasses:

I bought my sunnies with store credit from Buffalo Exchange as well! I think they priced them at $8.50!



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