Coach x Bazaar Event


Thank you to Harper’s Bazaar for inviting us to check out the Coach Spring Collection!

(It’s water, saints. )

(Coach’s dinosaur called Rexxy made out of leather bags!How dope is that?)

Edward Gebel Photography


Dress: Banana Republic (and this color and this color) ; Cardigan: J. Crew  (on sale +extra 50% off) ; Sandal Heels: Sam Edelman  (and here too); Pumps: Jimmy Choo ; Pearls: J. Crew ; Bag: J. McLaughlin – thrifted (try their new collection )

For a link to purchase this $27 short wig (different from the asymmetrical one), please send me an email at And this long wavy wig was made for me by my best friend and I don’t recommend the hair so no information will be provided.

Last Thursday, we (my brother Peter- check out his blog here) were invited to the Coach x Bazaar event at the Coach House on 5th avenue in NYC. We had such a great time! It made me encouraged to start attending all the events I get invited to but typically ignore. For the past three years of me blogging, this is probably the only event I was invited to that I actually attended. I’m not necessarily an introvert- in fact those who know me know I love to talk and be around people. And I wouldn’t say I don’t like networking. I simply cannot be bothered most days. BUT Breaking that habit this year!

Regarding these pictures, do not be alarmed. I shot this look prior to the Coach event. Initially I thought long curly wig and these Sam Edelman sandal heels would complete the look. But on the day of the event, I opted for an all pink look with a more blunt-cut wig. You guys know I am a [cheap] wig enthusiast so it takes nothing for me to change wigs multiple times a day. I guess that’s the beauty of wigs! I wrapped this pink cardigan around the waist line to give the dress a bit more shape. The pinks matched perfectly and helped me create a monotone look.

I also figured you’d appreciate diverse pictures in this post as the pinks are flushed in the pictures with the longer hair. But you can tell the actual color of the pink in the Coach event pictures. If you’re wondering which outfit I prefer, my answer is both. One works for brunch, the other works for networking events like the Coach event.

Which do you prefer?


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