The Bold & Beautiful

Feel like leading a revolution.

Edward Gebel Photography


Dress: via my mother’s store- email me to buy one ; Shoes: Banana Republic (old)

Corporate America can become super draining for an African. I always speak of unwritten dress codes in corporate America and the pressure I feel to wash down my style just to “fit in.” I’ll admit I’ve gained a level of confidence and boldness through blogging- sometimes I’ll wear my natural hair to work; sometimes I’ll wear a bright colorful dress. But I’ve yet to show up in a long dashiki dress like the one above. The itch is there, though. And besides, why not? Corporate America is going wayward anyway. Might as well show up looking like I’m going to lead a revolution, lol.

About this dress, when I first laid eyes on it I just KNEW! It’s a “one size fits all” wrap dress and it’ll look beautiful on all shapes and sizes! For only $55, you can get one too, and in different colors! If you’re interested, email me at and we’ll send you an invoice and ship it out to you.


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