10 Things To Buy Now to Upgrade Your Look!

Feeling like you’re always missing the mark? Here are 10 things to invest in now to upgrade your look!

1. A Wallet

Investing in a quality wallet does not only hold your monies in style, but it also makes you feel good when pulling out to pay for purchases. I’m using a Ralph Lauren wristlet at the moment, but prior, I used this pretty Ted Baker one for 5 years! Besides, people rarely ever lose pretty wallets. It’s usually old, ugly torn leather ones. YUCK.

2. Mascara

Whether you are a makeup gal or not, mascara is one beauty product that you shouldn’t be without. Mascara makes the eye more attractive and awake, drawing attention to your face, and not your [ass]ets. 🙂 My all time FAVOURITE mascara is Sephora’s Voluminous Mascara. 

3. Classy Nail Polish

I’ve been routinely polishing my nails since the 5th grade. I love long healthy nail beds (although mine are suffering at the moment due to acrylic). And nothing compliments hands and healthy nail beds more than pretty nail polish! If you want to transform your appearance to be more polished, these colors will do! 

4. Red Lipstick

Lipstick is great, but not every color compliments every skin tone. As for red lipstick, whether you’re light or dark with big or small lips, you can always count on red to upgrade your look. Is red too overwhelming for you? No problem! Line your lips with a darker red before applying the lipstick!

5. A Computer

If you don’t have at least access to a computer then you are seriously missing out on so many opportunities- including the opportunity to read JMTR!  A computer is probably the last thing you expect to invest in when thinking to upgrade yourself; but having a computer readily available can help you apply for jobs, create resumes, connect and network with people, and even give you creative ideas. I currently use an iMac; but I have an HP for work that I love as well!

6. Structured Fedora

I never understood why people having bad hair days wear ugly scarves or nothing at all. Hats are like the best invention ever! And I can’t get over fedoras! A structured fedora can turn any bad hair day into a good outfit day!

7. Pointy Pumps

If you’ve been reading JMTR for some time now, then you know that i LOVE pointy pumps. They are so chic and sophisticated and can be worn while dressed up or down. I recently bought these Gianvito Rossi suede ones but I’ve tagged all my favorite ones below!

8. Black Blazer

What. Can. You. Not. Do. With. A. Black. Blazer? The end.

9. Nice Watch

Have you ever heard of the saying, “you can tell a lot about a man by the kind of watch he wears”? The same applies for women! If you are over the age of 21 and you aren’t a watch person, now is the time to become one. Remember to always wear your watch over your LEFT hand. {yes, you lefties too} And please make sure it fits. Seeing people wear watches that haven’t been adjusted to remove the extra links make me cringe. 

10. Cute Bag

Not everyday big hobo bag.While you’re out taking a stroll in the park, it’s a good idea to have a small purse to carry your essentials. 



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