Memorial Prints

Pairing silky prints for Memorial Day.

Edward Gebel Photography


Top: Victoria Beckham  or here – size small ; Trousers: J. Crewsize 4 ; Shoes: Madden Girlsize 8 ; Sunglasses; (try these)

Can I just sweat myself for like 10 minutes? Because I am absolutely loving my outfit today. I’ll admit, its no outfit for the summer (silk) but considering we’re having really mild spring weather at the moment, I’m appropriately dressed!

Initially, I wanted to pair this blouse with white trousers… Looked in the mirror and hated how basic the outfit looked. I mean white pants to match the white over-sized cuffs? Isn’t that what should be expected?

But then I remembered my J. Crew silk pajama pants and flung the white pants behind me!

Take a moment to remember all of the fallen soldiers who bravely defended our country. Have a great holiday!


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