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Hello, I’m Christina Akomea and welcome to Just Missed the Runway. I created this platform initially because I was bored and it seemed fun. But after a few years of blogging, I realized how fulfilling and joyful it was. I welcome everyone on this site. But I think young and old women, alike, might appreciate this place more. Five facts about me:

First, I’m from New York (woop woop). Second, I’m of Ghanaian descent, and Ghana is located in West Africa. Third, I love all English Bulldogs, and I mean all. Fourth, emotions are my thing. If you let me, I’ll cry. And I’ll cry for long periods of time. Last but not least, I can sleep about 18 hours straight. Thank you so much for visiting. Make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter so you can be updated on new posts, inspirational letters, and sale alerts. See you later!

Video details:

Thank you to DubLoft NYC  for partnering with me on this video. I am wearing a Banana Republic chambray shirt (I detached the tie )and Banana Republic trousers. My hair is the Finger Comber Unit from Finger Comber. You can use my promo code: JUSTMISSEDTHERUNWAY at checkout and get expedited shipping!

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