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Here’s how I lost weight.

Edward Gebel Photography


Blouse: c/o Sheinsize small Pants: Elie Taharisize 8 ; Shoes: Jimmy Choo – size 39 ; Bag: J. McLaughlin -old (try this ) ; Fitness Band: Fitbit Flex 2 – ON SALE! ; Bracelets: Target Earrings: Banana Republic

After Monday’s post, a few of my friends texted me asking if I was sick or stressed because of all of the weight I appeared to have lost. I didn’t take note of the weight loss. I still think its perhaps the picture angle. But nonetheless, I’d be remiss to not attribute the weight loss to a few things I have been doing to live a healthy lifestyle. I think the most major change was my use of the Fitbit Flex 2. My boss uses it and she’s as slim as a model. After doing some research, I decided to get one while its on sale!

The Fitbit is heaven sent! It tracks your steps, calories burned, sleeping patterns, time spent being active, etc. There are more sophisticated Fitbits, but my budget afforded me the Flex 2. Below is an example of what is tracked on the Fitbit app:

Perhaps it is mental, but when I can physically see the calories I burn from walking, it encourages me to walk more! The app has a capability where you can track the food you eat and water you drink as well. I haven’t yet fully explored all of its capabilities; I think I’m so content with what it already does. But in any event, if you’re interested in purchasing one, the Flex 2 is now on sale for $60!

Happy healthy living!


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