Do not limit your Christian faith to activities.


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Today isn’t Tuesday, so this post might come as a surprise, but I wanted to talk to you today about something that I’ve been struggling with lately. For some time, I was having an internal battle with myself concerning my Christian walk, whether or not I pleased God, and how to get over my short comings. And so I figured, since I usually get comments about how admirable my transparency is, why not share with you the details of this internal battle, and how I’ve been successfully managing it.

My life is pretty much a disorganized routine. From Sunday to Saturday, I typically do the same things and visit the same places. Although I haven’t been able to tackle accomplishing my responsibilities in my intended time frames, I do the best that I can do with getting things done.

Monday through Friday, I am consumed with my 9-5 gig, my part- time gig, and church gatherings. I typically use Saturdays to shoot for the blog, and on Sundays after church service, I prep for the week ahead. I like to be busy. Yes- I will admit that. But sometimes consuming your life with activities doesn’t allow you to just be still. 

busy bodies.

Well yesterday, instead of dedicating myself to my “routine” of praying along the beach during my lunch break, I decided to just be still. I walked to a neighboring park and felt the need to brush my bare feet along the grass. So I took off my flats, and did just that. I let my feet feel the grass. And I couldn’t help but smile. I began to gaze above the cloudy skies and God started to show me so many things among the clouds.

It was wonderful. Simply wonderful.

It was exactly where I needed to be for God to speak to me audibly. Not through visions, not through dreams that I rarely ever understand. But through my obedience to just be still and present. It was such a profound revelation for me that I needed to share it on the blog…on a Thursday- outside of my normal “routine.”

It isn’t always about activities for God. Morning devotion, bible studies on Wednesdays, Friday night service, Sunday morning worship. Repeat the following week. No. Sometimes just isolating yourself in nature to allow God to speak.

I shared this experience on my Instastories and my brother in Christ encouraged me with biblical references. He reminded me that Abraham, Moses, Nathaniel, Jacob, John the Baptist, Elijah and so many other men of faith were all among nature when the Lord spoke to them. They were isolated from their distractions- families, jobs, responsibilities- which allowed for them to be able to hear when the Lord spoke.

So I want to encourage you to do the same.If you struggle to hear the voice of God, you can try a few things. First, read the Bible. (Some of ya’ll rocket scientists never read the bible and wonder why you don’t hear God speak.) But also, try not to limit your relationship with God to activities. Do not be overconfident in your spirituality- your faithfulness to church meetings, and speaking in tongues, and breaking down the scriptures in an eloquent way.  Find time to just go to a park, the beach, trails, etc. to hear the voice of God. To be immersed in His wonderful presence, and to appreciate the wonderful gift of communion with Him!

Have a great weekend!




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