Embroidered Linen

My take on summer linen…

Edward Gebel Photography


Shirt: J. Crew– size 4 ; Skirt: J. Crew – size 4 ; Shoes: Christian LouboutinEarrings: H&MChambray Shirt (around waist) – size small: Merona via Target

You often see people wearing linen in the summer because it’s a great absorbent of sweat and can easily remove perspiration from the skin. Linen is also a great conductor of heat, so you won’t fry like you might in, oh lets say silk. But I have a bone to pick with linen: it’s usually designed in an unattractive style and doesn’t compliment my personal body structure. Linen pants are typically in boot cut which I hate, and linen shirts are generally in a tunic style, which I don’t mind but who wants to wear only linen tunics.

When I came across this linen pencil skirt in J. Crew, I fell in love with the scalloped detailing. It helped that it was on sale, too. But when my eye caught this embroidered top in the same colors as the skirt, I knew just how to style it- as a pair! The waist seemed a bit boring and loose, so I opted to wrap a chambray top around and voila!

Fringe details because…well its fringe! (I’m slowly becoming a fringe collector!)

Details on my hair? Unit from Finger Comber . Use promocode: JUSTMISSEDTHERUNWAY at checkout.

Peep my stylish friend Peter above! For menswear inspiration check out his blog here!






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