The New Holy Grail to Acne Prone Skin?


After weeks of hormonal breakouts, I decided to switch up my face routine and I think I found the answer to better skin!


Facial Spin Brush ; Cetaphil Oil Control Moisturizer ; Sunday Riley Sleeping Oil ; Sunday Riley Good Genes; Pure Dead Sea Mask ; La Rosche- Posay Effaclar For Oil Skin

I have no idea what tricks the devil is playing on me but my entire body has been undergoing severe changes. Since I returned from Ghana in December, I’ve been battling itchy dry skin- from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet. Even as I type this blog post, I feel itchy. But I’m currently managing with Cetaphil mixed with Cortisone.

My face, however, is a different story. For weeks I suffered intense breakouts and rashes. I’ve always had acne prone skin. And I typically suffer breakouts during my menstrual cycle. But recently, the breakouts also included rashes; and it covered my entire face. Below are some of the new products I’ve been using to combat these breakouts:

  1. Spin Brush– surface washing of the face rarely ever gets all the dirt off. This is typically evident when you wipe your recently washed face with a makeup remover wipe. That’s why I love my spin brush. It gets deep down in my clogged pores and makes my skin feel super refreshed.
  2. Cetaphil Moisturizer- I have extremely oily skin, so I hate using moisturizers under my makeup, as I feel it makes me more oily. This moisturizer is not only for oily skin, BUT its also for acne-prone skin AND has SPF 30 which serves as a sunblock. I used to think I didn’t need sunblock because I was dark skinned but I now realize that not wearing sunblock can make dark scars on your face darker!
  3. Sunday Riley Good Genes and Luna Oil- My coworker (Hi Renee!) who has to die for skin told me about a few of the products she uses and praised Sunday Riley products. She said she noticed immediate results and that I should try a sample at Sephora. Sephora gave me samples of the Sunday Riley Good Genes and Night time Oil. And Boy!!!! Sunday Riley is literally heaven sent. My skin is so much tighter and smoother! My face is brighter and I feel super confident without makeup. And the best thing about Sunday Riley products is that the results are almost immediate! I noticed a change in the appearance of my skin the very next morning. I wanted to sample them out before investing as they aren’t cheap AT ALL. Just know that I’m definitely buying them now!
  4. Pure Dead Sea Mask- I heard great things about dead sea masks. I’ve only tried it twice so far and haven’t really experienced much of a difference yet so I cannot really endorse it.
  5. La Rosche- Posay Effaclar Wash- I am in love with this face wash! It thoroughly tightens my skin and visibly tightens my very large pores! I add literally a drop to my spin brush (because it’s super foamy ) and voila! This wash is specifically for oily skin so I definitely recommend it for my oily face ladies!

What are some products you use on your skin?




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