Testimony Tuesday: #FutureSelfChallenge

Last week, I created the #FutureSelfChallenge. The idea stemmed from my imagination, I suppose. I’m such an ambitious person. I’ve always wanted to achieve so many things; and because I never limited myself to one profession, I was always afraid to share what I wanted to do. I hate when people tell me to focus on one thing. Because why? Why can’t I be a lawyer and a doctor? Granted I won’t pursue both simultaneously but why is it that people always try to limit the goals of others. I call them#EnemiesofProgress. As a child of God, I will no longer let fear get in my way. I will be fearless in the pursuit of my dreams, starting with this #FutureSelfChallenge.

The #FutureSelfChallenge is really for the goal -getters! I created this challenge to get us to publicly discuss some of our goals in life. If you’re anything like me, you probably struggle with sharing your goals for fear of criticism and judgment. Perhaps you also worry that you’ll let strangers know too much about you? Well the only reason you shouldn’t share your goals is if you don’t plan to achieve them!

I want us to get out of our comfort boxes and start telling people where we’d like to be in the next few years; except this time, claim it as if you’ve already achieved it. Besides, you’ll be surprised about those who shares similar goals. Do not worry if you’re camera shy! I am as well (as evident from video mistakes lol), but I’m doing more things that make me uncomfortable this year because as they say- “growth lies outside of your comfort zone.”

I’ll be sharing all video participants on my social media platforms! I’ve already received a few videos from friends- can’t wait to show you all! (follow me on Instagram to watch the participants’ video.) Do not forget to use the hashtag #FutureSelfChallenge!

Here are my future goals, fully explained:

  1. Minister of the Gospel– to be honest, I can totally do without the title. I just feel like the title would remind me of my calling on this earth- to win souls for the kingdom. And pursuit of the title keeps me consumed in the Word of God, active in my local church, and in my community. But of course, this could all be accomplished without an ordination.
  2. Career Coach- I always laugh anytime I envision myself as a career coach; and part of the reason why is because I usually need coaching myself. But throughout my few years in the corporate world, I can certainly say that I’ve grown to have a passion for career coaching and business professionalism. I see a lack of business professional minorities in my community; maybe someone just hasn’t taught them yet. And I’d love to be the one to do so. I’m thinking business etiquette workshops, resume building, mock interviews, etc.
  3. Creative Director/Founder of an International Clothing label–  If it isn’t evident as of yet, I love fashion. I love putting together different pieces of clothing. I love coming up with outfit ideas. However, the fashion market is saturated with immodest wear. I’d love to create an affordable modest clothing brand that becomes a household name. I plan to come out with a graphic t-shirt brand by the year ending. Pray for me ya’ll- the devil has been delaying me on this for a solid year!
  4. Business Consultant- slowly but surely, I’m building a business empire here at JMTR. I’d love to be able to consult businesses on growth opportunities and social media management.
  5. Global Brand Ambassador- I am not exactly sure which brand but I cannot wait until the day I get invited to be a global brand ambassador for a major brand like GAP, or J.Crew, or Lancome, or Bobbi Brown!

If you’re a blogger, please create your #FutureSelfChallenge blog post! Lets get this challenge viral!

Thank you to @dubdubstories for helping with the video ! Download the Dub Suite app now to create videos like these in just a few minutes!



  1. August 1, 2017 / 7:41 pm

    I love this idea, Christina! Please let me know if you need assistance with the fashion line.

    • justmissedtherunway
      August 1, 2017 / 8:19 pm

      Thank you Kelley! You’re always so supportive! Of course Ill certainly keep you posted .

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