HyJeans Day: Unconventional Toiletries Every Woman Should Carry

Sharing a few items I carry in my handbag that most women don’t carry.

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Blazer: Banana Republic (sold out)- (try this )Shirt: Banana Republic – size xs ; Jeans:Banana Republic – size 28 ; Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Okay ladies, what do we usually carry in our handbags? Keys, phone, hair brush, lip gloss?

Yes! These items are the norm.

But have you thought about unconventional toiletries like Concentrated Room Sprays? I know I’m not the only one who abhors public toilets, right?. I literally cannot tolerate the smell of public toilets so much that I’d rather hold my business until I get home before I use a public toilet. But one day, I discovered Bath & Body Works concentrated room sprays and my life changed for ever! They eliminate odors in milliseconds and are pocket-sized & easy to carry!

Baby Wipes. Baby wipes are literally heaven-sent. Typically used to clean babies, but they’re adult friendly too! If stain your clothing, baby wipes do the trick. If you have to do number 2 in a public toilet, baby wipes handles you in ways toilet paper can never! If you can’t find a  hand sanitizer and you need to eat, baby wipes can quickly clean your dirty hands.

Pocket Size Deodorant. Am I the only one who often forgets to put on deodorant? Pocket-size deodorant is a life changer! The worse thing you want to do is forget to put on deodorant in the summer. My pocket size deodorant has come through for me on so many days!

Here’s a picture of my lemon pouch in which I store some of these toiletries! You can get a similar one here.


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