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Top: Old Navy– size small ; Sports Bra- Old Navy – size medium ; Tights: Old Navy – size small Sneakers: Nike

For a few months now, I have been suffering from extreme itchy skin and rashes on my face. While I’ve always had sensitive itchy skin, it wasn’t unbearable and it only persisted at night when I was extremely tired. These days, I literally moisturize with cortisone. And I concluded that I may have a gluten intolerance.  While I’ve been to dermatologists and allergists, no one can properly diagnose me. I didn’t follow up with my allergist because I was charged over $1000 for my environmental allergy test (which showed that I was allergic to mold). So there was no way I’d return for the food allergy test. But the reason I believe I have a gluten intolerance is because anytime I eat gluten my face breaks out in rashes and so many pimples. So currently I am on a gluten – free diet. And I’ve also started working out again because the sweat produced in exercise helps to release toxins from the body so I hope this will all help to clear my skin!




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