Professional Development: Networking

Sharing with you my experience at the Texture on the Runway Fashion Show.

A week ago today, I went to my first show sponsored by  NaturallyCurly and Sally Beauty called #TextureOntheRunway. While I’ve been invited to countless shows in the past, I never go for stupid reasons I won’t bore you with. This year, I broke free from my comfort zone and it was among the best experiences I’ve had since I started to blog.

The show confirmed, for me, the importance of networking in EVERY industry you work in. There’s something so empowering about seeing and talking with people who look like you, and are in pursuit of a success story similar to the one you’re also in pursuit of. The show confirmed how dangerously important women of color are in this world. The show rejuvenated my love for natural hair and for my uniqueness in this very discriminatory world. And most importantly, the show allowed me to physically embrace and chat with so many of my social media friends.

Whether you’re an introvert or you think you’re too busy to attend networking events, I’m here to tell you that there are no valid excuses. You should strive to attend a networking event at least every quarter. I’ve gotten countless opportunities from networking at corporate events where there were only middle aged people! And I’ve gained friends at events that I hold near and dear to my heart. So my challenge for you today is to GOOGLE events in your industry. Free is great but if there’s a fee, look at it as an investment into your future!


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