Professional Development: The Trick to Getting Paid More at Work!

Don’t shoot the messenger.

Did you know there was a correlation between wearing makeup and income?

Sociologists Jacyln Wong and Andrew Penner performed a survey in which they gathered data from over 14,000 people and presented their findings in a paper titled, ‘Gender and the Returns to Attractiveness.” Their perceived findings actually showed that attractiveness at the work place was based on grooming rather than physical features. What does this mean? It means ‘natural’ beauty doesn’t really trump ‘artificial’ or ‘created’ beauty. Women who spend more time grooming their appearance before work tend to make more money than women who roll out of bed and do little effort to their physical appearance. The results for men were quite similar, actually. However, men aren’t mainly judged by their appearance the way women are.

As I mentioned earlier, don’t shoot the messenger!

So for my ladies who typically can’t be bothered with makeup but want to take my word for bond, I created this quick and easy video of my “no makeup, makeup look.” All the products I used for this look are down below! (Pardon the texture of my skin in this video; was suffering a serious breakout from eating gluten smh.)

Becca Primer

LA Girl Concealer

Lancome Foundation Stick

Kevin Aucoin Concealer

Laura Mercier Setting Powder

Cover Girl Queen Collection Powder

Sephora Mascara

Urban Decay Setting Spray

Tarte lipstick

Marc Jacobs Lip Gloss

Thank you to Dub Dub, and Todd Schmiedlin for partnering on this post!


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