Recharging Yourself Over the Weekend

Feeling drained from helping others all the time? It’s okay to carve out time for yourself!


I feel stretched and pressed on every corner some days. It’s quite draining when you’re constantly extending yourself to others and not caring for yourself too. So this weekend, I decided to be extremely selfish and focus on Christina. I wanted to share some of the things you could do to become rejuvenated and mentally prepared to continue to be a blessing to others! Because as they say, “you can’t pour out of an empty cup.” So make sure you’re physically, mentally and spiritually sound before attempting to help others become sound.

Go to a health- conscious salon

I was privileged to visit Sunday’s Studio the other day for a complimentary manicure and pedicure. Upon entering the salon, I was impressed by the interior design and simple aesthetics. The salon’s structure was so well thought- out and clean that I felt like I could eat on the floor (just kidding, or maybe not.) The first thing I noticed was the salon’s lack of pedicure foot bath stations. Rather, each technician brings out a pedicure bowl with fresh water. I loved this idea, as you can imagine, because it allowed for the bowls to be properly cleaned and sanitized compared to the bigger stationary foot baths you find in other salons. Nail technicians also use brand new utensils on customers so you don’t have to worry about contracting any disease from old utensils.

I also loved that the salon didn’t smell of chemicals, allowing for fresh air to be inhaled. One unique aspect of Sunday’s Studio is their use of vegan, 10-free, and cruelty free polishes. All of their nail polishes are their own, and contain the healthiest ingredients to enhance beauty. I also appreciate their offer of meditation and massage while you get your nails done. It was the most soothing and relaxing experience I had at any salon and in the end, my nails looked absolutely beautiful!

Have brunch with yourself

One of my favorite pastimes is going to brunch or dinner alone. I know a lot of people find it strange, but I always say if you can’t enjoy your own company, why do you expect others to? Brunching or going to dinner alone allows you to indulge in whatever you want and not concern yourself with splitting the tab. Whatever you eat is what you pay for!

Go for a walk and return home to do nothing

Spending quality time with yourself is the best way to put a smile on your face. Go for a walk and smile at everyone. Pick up an ice cold drink and then return home to do nothing besides kicking your feet up. You can also turn off your phone so that you’re not bombarded with messages and phone calls. Try it! I can guarantee you’ll feel so relaxed (Doesn’t apply to most parents. )

Thank you Sunday’s Studio for partnering on this post. All opinions are my own.


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