Professional Development: Curating 5 Outfits Every Sunday Before Your Work Week

A sure guarantee that you’ll look your best Monday- Friday.

Edward Gebel Photography


Jacket: H&M- sold out (try this) ; Shirt: Zara- old  (try this) ; Skirt: Banana Republic– size 2 ; Shoes: Kenneth Cole -old  (try this) ; Bag: ZAC by Zac Posen Sunnies: Oliver PeoplesWatch: Daniel Wellington (use promo code ‘MISSEDRUNWAY’ for 15% off)

I often get asked how do I always look so polished at work. My response is always “PREPARATION.” The truth is, most people usually have at least 5 great outfits in their closets but they either don’t have time to create these outfits, or they don’t have the stylish eye to put pieces together.

Looking your best every day at work is important for so many reasons. For starters, psychologists have found that in adults there is a correlation between health and beauty. The better you look, the better your health is, usually. Also, when you look good, you’re more inclined to be productive and so it’s very important to maintain an appealing physical image while at work.

My trick is always preparing and ironing my outfits on Sundays before the work week commences. I use Sundays after church to mentally, physically and spiritually prepare for the days ahead. This includes spending a significant amount of time rummaging my closet for pieces to put together. So many factors play into my outfit decisions such as the weather and the work schedule. I factor in meetings and additional responsibilities I might have after work, and I also consider clothing that don’t require ironing.

If you want an extensive breakdown on how to curate outfits every Sunday, saving you time in the mornings before work, then I have just the right thing for you! I created an e-book on how to win the unwritten ‘Office Best Dressed’ award! There’s an entire art to getting dressed for work, and I can guarantee you that your bosses have perfected this art. It’s often the reason why you rarely ever see them with hair out of place.

My e-book will be published and available on October 1st! However, PRE-SALE is now available at 50% off! Should I also mention that all who pre-order my e-book (and styling services… but more on that later) will be eligible for a chance to win a $500 shopping spree with me? Yes, you heard that correctly! I am using $500 of my very own money to go shopping with you! More on that later! Just get your e-book TODAY for $5 or you’ll have to buy it at original price πŸ™‚














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    September 23, 2017 / 3:19 pm

    That second pic tho- bam!! Gorgeous legs hun and such a beautiful smile. x x

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