Testimony Tuesday: How to Manage Your Emotions

What I’ve learned about my emotions.

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Most of my loved ones know that I am very emotional. Most things make me cry, many things make me angry. But as I grow wiser in the things of God, I realize why I haven’t been able to manage my emotions effectively. For years, I’d repeat in my head “calm down Christina, calm down Christina,” with hopes of not reacting to circumstances in an emotional way. But this rarely works, and when it does work, it lasts for but a moment.

Yesterday morning, during my devotion, I learned that being fully devoted to Jesus Christ helps us navigate through our many moods and emotions. I learned that our emotions are tainted by our sinful nature, which is why they need to be controlled. When we allow our flesh to die and let Christ live within us, the Holy Spirit makes us sensitive to only His promptings and allows only a holy and righteous anger.

…for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God. James 1:20

When you come to Christ (let Christ live in you) every thing you once knew or thought you knew changes. It is really phenomenal, to be honest. For someone who used to be easily offended, I can attest that the changes within me are indeed testimony worthy. Now, I am so firmly focused on my faith in Jesus Christ, that I don’t even have time to wallow in offense or anger.

This isn’t to say offense, anger and over -sensitivity don’t creep up every now and again. But its just that now when it does, I realize that its an indication that I’m operating in the flesh, and not allowing Christ to live within me.

It is my prayer that we all become so engulfed in our devoted lives to God that we leave no room for unnecessary sensitivity.


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