Testimony Tuesday: There’s Only a Pillar of Salt Behind You (Friendly Reminder)

The only time to look back is when you’re thanking God for where He has brought you from?

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Today’s post is from months ago, but I thought someone needed to read it again. It blessed me this morning and I pray it does the same for you:

The other day, a young lady was sharing her testimony with me over the phone ( I hope she doesn’t mind that my post is inspired by our chat lol). She told me how a very prominent man of God reminded her of the story of a man named Lot and his family. For those of you unfamiliar with the story, let me summarize:

The Bible (specifically Genesis 19) tells of the story of od destroying two cities- Sodom and Gomorrah. These cities were filled with wickedness and sin, so the LORD purposed to destroy them and completely wipe everyone in those cities out off the face of the earth. However, because the LORD cherished His relationship with His servant, Abraham, God told Abraham of His intentions. After a few negotiations, Abraham asked God not to destroy innocent lives with wicked ones. The story goes on to explain that Abraham’s nephew, Lot and his family dwelled in Sodom and Gomorrah; but for Abraham’s sake, God sent angels to warn them of the destruction to come. The angels of God warned Lot to gather up his family and leave Sodom and Gomorrah and never look back. However, Lot’s wife, being stubborn and disobedient, decided to look back towards the cities as the journeyed out to a neighboring land. The Bible explains that she immediately died when she looked back, turning into a pillar of salt.

The young lady who shared her testimony with me told me that this prominent man of God encouraged her to finish the race ahead of her and not to look OR return back to where God has delivered her from. Being so moved by her testimony, I thought someone reading this could also be blessed.

Oftentimes, we struggle with progression in life because we are too busy dwelling/ focusing on the past. If, by the grace of God, we have been removed from a relationship, a city, a job, anything- why then return to such a place? If God removes you from a place or from a relationship, trust Him to carry you through your next stage in life. Yes- there is comfort in familiarity. But hardly anyone or anything ever grows in a state of comfort. No one said it was easy, but it is what you asked for, yes? Directly or indirectly you may have asked for a better situation. And because God is a merciful God, He is trying to give us just that – a better situation! Now, it is simply up to ourselves to receive better.

So sis, (or brother) the only time you should dwell on the past is when you are thanking God for bringing you out of said past. Stop looking back to a place of destruction which God has saved you from.


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