Testimony Tuesday: Can You Please God and Still Offend Others?

Doing God’s Will won’t always win you the popularity award.

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2016 was probably the last year I stopped making announcements before doing something.

Prior to 2017, I used to feel such a heavy burden and responsibility to explain my actions to those who I thought might not understand them. I thought it was my due diligence to explain why I acted the way I acted; why I couldn’t be friends with certain people; why I couldn’t go to certain places; why I didn’t answer certain calls, etc.

It wasn’t that I felt it was necessary to do these things. I just thought people wouldn’t be offended by my actions if I explained them. Then I realized it didn’t matter what I said and it didn’t in what eloquent and gentle matter I said these things. People would still be offended.

There were many relationships and friendships that I had to end abruptly without giving notice.  And the reason why was because God showed me that if I gave notice, I left room for the person to convince me to continue the relationship. So for me, [personally] the wiser option was to walk away.

When you obey God, sometimes it offends people.

And you have to be okay with that because it is perfectly normal. In James 4:4 it says friendship with the world makes you an enemy of God. As long as you are a friend of God, you will continuously offend those who are in the world. And that should be your simple confirmation that you are pleasing God.

There’s a story in the book of Mark in the eighth chapter where Jesus heals a blind man. Once the man received vision, Jesus tells him to go home but not to go back to the village in which he came from. Sometimes God tells us not to enter a place any longer; not to continue with a relationship; not to speak to someone, and all that we are to do is obey. Period.

In the end, if doing God’s Will constantly offends others, rejoice! Because all that means is that you are on the right track.

(This isn’t the same as you just being an offensive person. There is a clear difference. I can be offensive and against God’s will. And in that case, I’m simply offensive. The key focus here is DOING God’s Will.)




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