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Around this time of year, it’s important to reflect on how exceedingly blessed we are in comparison to others less fortunate. As I write this blog post, I think of even the laptop I’m using to upload this post and how so many people around the world desire for one.

It’s really easy to lose sight of how privileged we are. The small things we take for granted like clean water, and a mattress isn’t readily available to all people around the world. And in the case of citizens in the US, we have access to governmental aid and a plethora of nonprofit organizations that further support our efforts to these basic necessities.

It’s why I like to focus, during this holiday season, on those who aren’t afforded these necessities. I’m encouraging all of my family, friends, and readers to be active about supporting the less fortunate and those who are in need this holiday season. I am partnering with an organization in my home country called MAHLEF, whose center goal to serve as a safe haven for pregnant teens and orphans. They operate by identifying and aiding at risk and vulnerable groups within the community of Tema, Ghana in West Africa. If you know anything about this community, it has some of the most poverty stricken communities in the country and these people could use our help!

Within the next coming weeks, I’ll actively take on so many parts of NYC in order to secure sponsors and volunteers to help with my efforts. MAHLEF is having a “Feed My Lambs Christmas Party” for destitute and neglected children in the Tema Newtown area of Ghana. They are in need of food items, beverages and cash donations to cover rentals of canopies, chairs, bounce houses, and spinners.

While in adidas sports apparel, I’m running around asking everyone that I know to help me make this Christmas holiday a memorable one for the MAHLEF foundation. If you’d be so kind to help me reach my goal of raising $10,000, I’d be so grateful!

You can donate on the MAHLEF GoFundME Page!




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