Testimony Tuesday: Convicted But Not Fully Persuaded

You can’t act on your convictions because of this spirit that blocks your persuasion to do so.

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I was once asked by a young woman how I knew Dr. Eric was husband material. I unknowingly answered, “I was persuaded to act on my conviction to give him another chance to win back my love.” In 2015, neither one of us were convinced of each other as spouses. As a result, we had our ups and downs and eventually made the decision to part ways. But in 2016, Eric was persuaded to win me back. And while a bit nervous of what our future held, I was also persuaded to give us another chance.

The other day I read Acts 26 in the Bible. It tells of Paul being presented in front of King Agrippa and Festus, trying to defend himself and the reasons he preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After sharing his own testimony and then ministering to King Herod Agrippa, Agrippa was still not fully persuaded on Christianity. Almost, convicted, but not quite persuaded…

Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian. (Acts 26:28 King James Version)

Convicted but not fully persuaded. “That’s the name of some of you all game.”

You’ve heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is a great deal of reason in it. It resonates with you. The person ministering to you, by the Holy Spirit, sounds convincing and you conclude he/she to be reputable. But there isn’t any persuasion in you to give your life to this Jesus Christ we speak of.

There isn’t any persuasion in you that in one Man, you can have forgiveness of sins. That every sinful act committed from birth, and even the ones you have yet to commit will be forgiven and remembered no more. There isn’t any persuading you that this Jesus we speak of is 100% God and 100% man. There isn’t any persuading you that this Jesus existed before the foundation of the earth, and is seated on the right hand of the Father. There isn’t any persuading you of the Holy Spirt and His ability to teach you and to lead you into all truth.

Although it sounds good, you’re still not buying it…

It’s the spirit of Agrippa that convicts you, but not fully persuades you to act on your convictions. It is a lack of faith in the impossible and a lack of grace to act on the impossible. And this spirit is sent to keep you from obtaining the blessings God has for you; the biggest blessings being forgiveness of sin and eternal life.

The spirit of Agrippa doesn’t end at salvation. It also stops you from acting on your convictions to leave unfruitful relationships and unfruitful jobs. It stops you from ending friendships that you know aren’t good for you. It stops you from starting businesses that you feel in your heart would bring you so much joy. It stops you from admitting truth and forces you to replace truth with lies. The spirit of Agrippa is handicapping.

Its goal, like that of every other demonic spirit, is to kill, steal, and destroy you. Whether it manifests itself greatly or discreetly, the spirit of Agrippa must be destroyed in our lives. And the first step of destroying it is by recognizing its control over our lives.

Once we can recognize this spirit, we can denounce its control over us. We should pray that any spirit of Agrippa holding us captive must be consumed by the fire of the Holy Ghost. Any spirit of Agrippa that causes us not to act on our convictions is now bound in the mighty name of Jesus. We are taking back our ability to act on our convictions of the Holy Spirit and go (my word for 2019) or move when the Lord tells us to.

Will you be delivered from the spirit of Agrippa?



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