Swapping Beauty Products for Clean Beauty Products

I had the opportunity to visit Credo Beauty in NYC and was educated on clean beauty products.

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Yesterday, I went to Credo Beauty for a “Clean Beauty Swap” appointment. I brought in my old makeup products that were either finished or that I no longer used, and obtained 10 points per product towards clean beauty products.

If you recall, the past two years I suffered from what appeared to be hormonal acne. I thought I had a gluten allergy, I thought I was cursed, you name it. But immediately after my wedding, the acne kind of just went away. I’ll admit, my visit to Dr. Michelle Henry, was the ultimate game changer. Working with a dermatologist knowledgeable about black skin, and able to really advise me on what to do to combat my oily, acne prone skin was extremely beneficial.

Recently, I’ve been researching the actual ingredients of the products I place on my skin. It isn’t nearly enough to be cognizant of what I consume internally. I must be aware of what I topically place on my skin as well. It’s the reason I was really excited to partner with Credo Beauty in order to start using some clean beauty products. Credo Beauty’s ultimate mission to change the way people think about the ingredients and products placed on their bodies.

Did you know the beauty industry hasn’t been regulated since the 1950s? Kind of alarming, no, considering its an industry worth more than billions of dollars. That means, a brand could literally place an ingredient in their products that causes cancer and there would probably be nothing done about it.

As mentioned earlier, I started the appointment with a ziploc bag filled with old beauty products that I no longer use; or that were simply empty, and I received 80 points towards my account. I’ll be able to redeem those points towards travel and full sized products in the future!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram for a review of my experience at Credo Beauty. I’ll be reviewing these new clean beauty products throughout the next weeks!


Goldfaden MD Detox Clarifying Facial Wash

I have extremely oily skin with large pores. One thing my dermatologist told me was an absolute must for someone with my kind of skin is glycolic acid. This facial wash is an AHA nutrient rich treatment with lactic acid, glycolic acid and detox complex. When I used this foaming wash, I was surprised with how little it lathered. Initially I thought it wasn’t going to clean my off my makeup and penetrate but I was extremely surprised by how clean it ended up leaving my skin without feeling drying.

African Boatanics Mineral Cleansing Mask

If you tell me something has marula oil inside, I’m more than likely sold. Although it is highly effective in treating dry skin which isn’t an area of concern for me, it’s really great in preventing and healing a variety of skin disorders, including psoriasis, eczema, acne, etc. This African clay mask includes both marula and plant stem cells. I’ve used it on both my husband and I  this morning and it left our skin extremely moisturized and clean. I’m waiting to use to it for one month to give a proper review but so far so good!

Joch Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator 

Before my visit to Credo Beauty, I had never heard of essence mists. These serve as both toners and moisturizers and esstentially allow the products you place on your face to really penetrate into your pores. I used this mist prior to moisturizing. It smells so refreshing and divine and I’m excited to see its benefits.

Alpyn Beauty Plant Genius Melt Moisturizer

The game changing moisturizer! I can proudly say after two uses I’m already in love. Although I have oily skin, I’ve always preferred moisturizing with oils instead of lotions/ creams. However this moisturizer has changed my preference forever. It’s such a lightweight moisturizer but has extremely deep penetrating benefits. It helps that its an extremely clean, cruelty free product!




This post was sponsored by Credo Beauty. All opinions are my own. 


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