International Women’s Day – Celebrating Muscular Women!

The Serenas and the Angelas… we are just as womanly as any other woman!

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Growing up, I always had an athletic build, so naturally I was also a great athlete. My build was hereditary in nature, but it would also be enhanced by my participation in sports. I recall being bullied in middle school by boys for “having muscles like a man.” I didn’t have much confidence in middle school because sports were more leisure and hardly ever competitive. So to me, my muscular build served no purpose.  It wasn’t until high school that my muscular build worked to my benefit, affording me great athletic ability and even athletic scholarships to college.

I wasn’t always comfortable with my body. I hated going to the weight room in college. Bulking up any more than I already was stressed me out. But I had no choice as it was required by my track coach. Now that I’m older, I am so grateful for muscle memory. I am grateful for my natural muscular build and my natural physical strength.

Women with muscular builds like Serena Williams and Angela Basset have made me proud to be among the few women “built like a [wo]man!” On International Women’s Day, I celebrate all women with muscular builds and especially ones who have been told they look like men. Today I say to us, we are more woman than any woman I know!



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