Testimony Tuesday: 5 Things They Didn’t Warn Me About Pregnancy

Did I forget to make the announcement that I was pregnant here?

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Gosh, I missed you all so much. It’s been almost three months since I’ve updated the blog but it certainly feels like a year! If you’re following me on Facebook or Instagram (which you should since that’s where I’m always updating posts), then you probably know that I am pregnant, expecting a little girl! I toyed with the idea of even sharing the news on social media- not because of any fear but because of health reasons. The first trimester was so trying!!! I didn’t experience anything other than the usual nausea and fatigue; I never threw up or was hospitalized- glory be to God. But I was always so tired. And I really didn’t think working corporate career, blogging, and being pregnant simultaneously was possible. Yet here we are!

Pregnancy has been a blessing, to say the least. Some days I think “wow, this is really no joke.” Other days I’m in awe that God would be so gracious and merciful to me and allow me to carry life. Every time my daughter moves (which btw happens a lot) I fall deeper in love. She’s brought so much joy already to my family’s life and I’m looking forward to the day I get to embrace her in my arms.

I’ve mentioned in the past how I believe I was born to be a wife and mother. For as long as I can remember, I loved the idea of creating my own family. So to see it all manifest is truly a blessing. The day I found out I was expecting, I cried real tears. I couldn’t imagine what the next 9 months would be like for me. I have a supportive tribe that attempted to give me advice, but there are thangssssss folks really didn’t discuss. So that’s what I want to chat about today!

1. You may have a protruding belly button in pregnancy.

Before I got pregnant, I had no idea that my “inny” belly button would turn into an “outty.” I assumed all  pregnant women with “outty” belly buttons were born with “outties.” At some point in the middle of my second trimester, I noticed my belly button appearing through my dresses. I was so confused it compelled me to do research. Apparently, a pregnant woman’s expanding uterus puts pressure on the rest of her abdomen, pushing the belly button outward. While it isn’t much of a big deal, I wish someone warned me lol.

2. Your sense of smell may be heightened.

Okay, so I did hear about this before pregnancy, but not as much as I wish I did. EVERYTHING SMELLS BAD!!!! The refrigerator, the bathtub, the toilet, the air, deodorant, breath, body odor, etc. Everything. I mean absolutely everything has an unbearable smell. I recently learned that women become more sensitive and reactive to the scents around them when they’re pregnant. My husband finds it annoying on some days and funny on others. But for me, I’m just annoyed by it all the time!

3. Contractions may occur during your second trimester.

In my second trimester, I experienced severe pressure in my tummy and had no idea of the cause. Some days I thought I ate too much. Other days I thought my belly was just expanding. But later I learned that I was experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions or “false labor.” Braxton Hicks contractions feel like a tightening of your abdomen, something like a sit-up. They are usually mild and painless. But other times it can be more painful. Glory be to God mine have been tolerable. They are just uncomfortable and make it difficult to walk most times.

4. You may not be able to do the things you used to do.

This may seem like a no- brainer, but this has been the most difficult reality to accept. Many days I come home from work wishing I’m able to get chores done in the house. But it hardly ever happens. Pregnancy forces you to relax. You’re physically incapable of doing what you used to be able to do. And as a very active woman, this has been so difficult for me.

5. The experience of other pregnant women does NOT have to be your own experience.

I welcome all the advice and suggestions mothers have to offer whenever they feel obligated to do so. However, I’ve quickly learned that pregnancy is not one- size- fits- all. Just because my friend couldn’t eat spicy food doesn’t mean I can’t either (by the way, I eat spicy food all the time. No heart burn here!). I recall someone telling me that I should enjoy chewing gum now because I won’t be able to tolerate it in my second trimester. Guess what? I’M STILL CHEWING GUM!

I’m learning to accept the good advice and dismiss the bad. For example- I’ve completely dismissed the idea of a difficult and treacherous labor and delivery experience, and I won’t allow anyone to sow seeds of worry or fear into my life concerning my pregnancy. Granted I’m not in control of how I carry this child or give birth, but guess who is? JESUS! So I’ve been putting my trust and faith in Him and accepting all the promises concerning child bearing He has promised in His Word!



  1. Elsie A.
    June 18, 2019 / 11:48 am

    Aww congratulations Christina!!! Gosh what a blessing, I rejoice with you and your family on the baby news!

  2. Viv
    June 18, 2019 / 7:25 pm

    Congratulations!!! This makes me so excited. May God bless you and your family!

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