Our StayCation at The Nash in Midtown- Sonder Apartments

An escape right in our backyard- #TakingStayFurther.

I was smooth sailing in my pregnancy until recently. When the pregnancy fatigue and symptoms hit you, it hits you without warning. I really wanted to get away from home but not be too far from my doctor. My husband and I decided a stay-cation in Manhattan would be most suitable. If anyone isn’t familiar with stay-cations, they are simply vacations close to home. People typically stay in hotels or housing arrangements close to their backyards, all while creating a vacation environment.

For our stay-cation, we chose to stay at a Sonder apartment because we had the most amazing time staying in one in New Orleans. We stayed in a charming studio at The Nash Apartments located in Midtown Manhattan because the location was prime for the plans and events we had in mind for the weekend. The Nash is located on East 39th street between 2nd and 3rd avenues, conveniently located near Grand Central and Herald Square.

Sonder truly fulfilled my dreams of staying in a plush, modern fully furnished apartment complex in Manhattan! We were greeted in the most professional and warm way at the front desk and given a key to our room. In addition, we were given a box filled with treats for us to enjoy! Sonder does a phenomenal job with offering the consistencies and hospitality of a hotel format, but taking it a step further by providing a space that feels more like home.

The studio we stayed in was the Brilliant Design studio, and brilliant it was! It is the perfect size for a couple, and it came with all of the features needed to feel at home.  The apartment had a full kitchenette, a small table and two chairs for eating, a mini living space that included a walk-in closet, and a plush queen sized bed- all designed to perfection. Sonder provided an array of complimentary coffee options and additional bath towels and toilet rolls which is certainly something I wish all hotels provided, instead of being forced to call front desk for more when needed.

The full bathroom was sweet and simple, stacked with an array of soap and lotion options for our choosing.

You don’t realize how much important a washer and dryer is in your apartment until you have one. I loved that most if not all Sonder apartments include a laundry option. Our Sonder apartment in New Orleans had a washer and dryer inside the apartment so we were able to return home with clean clothes! The Nash, however, had a huge laundromat within the building.


There was also a gym within The Nash Apartments. Although we didn’t utilize it, it was impressive enough to convince my husband of a future stay at The Nash.

One of our favorite parts about Sonder apartment buildings are their rooftops, which sometimes include pools. Recall the Sonder apartment I stayed in New Orleans. The Nash had the most impeccable view, overlooking the Empire State Building and midtown’s skyline. We spent a lot of time of the rooftop, capturing memories and taking it all in!

Whenever you’re traveling, locally or afar, you should always consider staying at a Sonder apartment. My husband and I have agreed to always stay at Sonder if there’s one available. The ease and comfortability we receive at Sonder apartments are unmatched to any hotel establishment. Sonder truly knows what it means to Take Stay Further. 

With apartments in major cities around the world, there will always be an opportunity to explore one for yourself. Our next stop, God willing, will be the charming Montreal! We know that this city, combined with a Montreal Sonder apartment stay will take our breath away!

Check out the list of cities that have Sonder apartments and book your reservation today!


Thank you to Sonder for partnering on this post. All opinions are my own. 



  1. Ahema
    August 19, 2019 / 11:01 am

    Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Stephanie Pierre
    September 25, 2019 / 10:13 am

    Something to look into. Thank you for recommending Sonder.

  3. April 26, 2022 / 12:34 am

    What a great review! My fiancé and I will be staying here for our honeymoon, and this gets me even more excited!

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