A Winter With Cougar Shoes featuring: The Durand Boot

The ONLY boot you’ll need this winter.

The Durand Boot

Sunday, most of the Northeast got it’s first snowfall. And in normal Christina fashion, I found myself scrambling in the hardware store last minute for salt for our house. It seems most people were last minute people considering the store was packed with folks looking for shovels and salt. It was the perfect day for a shearling coat and tall, temperature -rated boots so I decided to test out the durability of my new Durand boots from Cougar shoes.

Available in two colorways- black and cask- I picked the cask color because most of my fall/winter apparel are in natural and brown tones. The first thing I noticed about the boots is that it is a genuine leather with a genuine fur collar and back gusset. Investing in genuine quality leather boots for the season is imperative because it will always be a warmer option than imitation leather. These Durand boots are also waterproof and temperature rated -24C/-11F. That means I’m 100% covered in the severe cold climates and wet weather conditions. The last but very important feature I look for in a winter boot is the sole. Without grip, I cannot commit! These boots have an anti-slip outsole so you won’t catch me slipping…much pun intended.

I haven’t been this excited to share a product in a very long time. Take my word for it, you NEED the Durand!


This post is sponsored by Cougar Shoes. All opinions are my own. 


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